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Government Plans Additional Coal Mine Closures01/16/2015

China continues to increase efforts to address environmental issues, including reducing the number of coal mines in the country. New plans were announced to shut down more than 2,000 mines in 2015 and limit the total number to within 10,000 by 2016. More than 1,100 coal mines were closed in 2014. Many small coal mines that operate with outdated facilities or low effic ...Read More

Beijing renews effort to reduce PM2.5, other airborne pollutants01/16/2015

2014 saw an increased number of days with blue skies in Beijing, a clear improvement and indicator of air quality measures in China. The Chinese government continues its efforts to improve air quality, and new numbers show that these actions are making a difference. For instance, the concentration of PM2.5, an air pollutant, has gone down significantly in the past yea ...Read More

Air China Accepts Several New Boeing Aircraft Deliveries01/09/2015

The national flag carrier airlines of China received several new planes recently, with the B747-8 debuting on the Beijing-New York route earlier this month. Liu Yi, counselor of China's Consulate General of China in New York, Director Xue Yaping and Deputy Director Pan Xiaopeng from CNTO New York attended the event for the plane’s arrival in New York. Air China has ...Read More

World-Famous Ice & Snow Festival Kicks off in Harbin, China01/08/2015

The 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival kicked off this week and will run through the end of February. One of the world’s largest ice and snow carnivals, the event takes place in Harbin, the capital city of China’s northeastern Heilongjiang Province. With temperatures sometimes dipping as low as -36 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, Harbin is appropria ...Read More

Winter in Tibet – Sunny, Crisp & Unforgettable!01/08/2015

Now is an excellent time of year to visit Tibet. Winter in Tibet is prime for visitation: while the weather is cold, January through March is crisp and dry, with abundant high-altitude sunshine during the day. And in fact, the average temperature in Tibet is actually warmer than Beijing and other surrounding areas. The skies are also very clear and sunny in the winter ...Read More

Guiyang to Guangzhou high-speed railway links tourist attractions01/08/2015

A new high-speed railway opened in December, linking the city of Guiyang in southwest China's Guizhou province to Guangzhou in Guangdong province. The Guiyang-Guangzhou high-speed railway traverses through these south and southwestern areas of China, making it easier for visitors to visit cultural and natural attractions along the way. The vast Longli grassland and t ...Read More

New Hotel Development in China’s Guangdong Provice01/08/2015

Several new hotels have opened in China this month, with quite a few notable entrants in Guangdong Province. With China’s rapidly growing markets, it is a hotspot for international hotel development and major hotel brands have jumped in to capitalize on the demand. The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Heyuan debuted recently in the central business district of this rapidl ...Read More

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