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When it comes to food, Beijing is a melting pot. Cuisines from different cultures permeate the city’s dining scene. There are literally thousands of restaurants to choose from and at every budget. Visitors can splurge at fancy restaurants or dine supremely well (and inexpensively) at smaller family-owned eateries located all over the city. Some specialties include:
Beijing Roast Duck, the tender, succulent, bronze crispy-skinned meat is one to enjoy in the city.  Served at dozens of restaurants, the most renowned servings are at Quanjude and Bianyifang.
Imperial Court Food characterized by the freshest ingredients, including colorful vegetable carvings, complex preparation techniques, and elaborate presentation; Imperial Cuisine has evolved over time and is now enjoyed by all in China. Probably the finest expression of classic imperial cooking is the Tan Jia cuisine served at the Beijing Hotel.
Local Snacks of which there are probably 200 varieties in Beijing reflective of different cuisines but the Chinese Muslim influences stand out the most.

New Cuisine
Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Website New Cuisines

Old Peking Flavors
Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Website Old Peking Flavors

Regional Cuisine
Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Website Regional Cuisine

Foreign Cuisine
Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Website Foreign Cuisine

Casual Dining
Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development Website Casual Cuisine


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