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The Changchun Longjia International Airport is centrally located between Changchun and Jilin City and is the fastest way to access the city for international and domestic visitors alike. There are numerous flights to more than 30 domestic cities such as Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, Nanjing and international flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Sendai and Vladivostok.

Train travel allows visitors to enjoy Changchun’s special charm and that of its neighbors. The Changchun Railway Station from which trains depart for dozens of cities in China is situated in the northern part of the city. Trains bound for Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and more start or pass through Changchun.

Getting around town is easy. Modern taxis are readily available and the Changchun tram makes this one of the few cities in China where trams still provide a nostalgic means of travel. The renovated and well-maintained No.54 tram affords visitors the opportunity to travel in comfort while making stops at the Changchun Film Studio, Film City, and other key attractions.

Travel Services
Jilin Province Overseas Travel Company
Add: No. 1296, Xinmin Street
Tel: 0086-431- 85600255

Jilin Province China International Travel Agency
Add: No. 4501, Renmin Street
Tel: 0086-431- 85600255

Changchun China Travel Agency
Add: No. 1433, Jianshe Street
Tel: 0086-431- 88549688

Changchun Overseas Travel Company
Add: No. 4 Building, No. 1381, Xinmin Street
Tel: 0086-431- 88632224

Jilin Province Qingnian Travel Agency
Add: No. 37, Changping Street
Tel: 0086-431- 88527708

Jilin Province Qingnian International Business Travel Agency Company
Add: Room 501, Tianting Building, No. 169, Jianshe Street
Tel: 0086-431- 88512216

Jilin Province Kanghui International Travel Agency
Add: No.103, Changrenmin Street
Tel: 0086-431-85679056

Jilin Province Xiangyu International Travel Agency
Add: Room 603, Weifeng International, No. 7088, Renmin Street
Tel: 0086-431-86106036

Jilin Province Zhongxin International Travel Agency
Add: No. 6 Building, No. 1448, Xinmin Street
Tel: 0086-431-85678113

Jilin Province Universal Int’L Travel Service
Add: 17th Floor, No. 1 Section, B Building, International Business Center, No. 36, Jiefang Road
Tel: 0086-431-86183999

Changchun Cultural International Travel  Agency
Add: 8th Floor, Guomao Restaurant, No. 2059, Renmin Street
Tel: 0086-431-88596555

Jilin Province Jiuzhou International Travel Service
Add: No. 65, Jiefang Road
Tel: 0086-431-85090081

Jilin Province Guolong Travel Agency
Add: Fifth Floor, C Building, Jifa Square, No. 58, Xi’an Road
Tel: 0086-431-88567768

Jilin Province Huabang Travel Agency
Add: No. 1479, Jiefang Road, Nanguan District
Tel: 0086-431-88911392