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Changsha offers a range of hotels, including highly-rated hotel brands, boutique hotels, and more with operations that cater to visitors at every budget.

Five-star Hotels

Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale FuRongGuo
Address:106 Furong Middle Road 2nd Section, Furong, Changsha

White Swan Hotel
Address: No.258 XiangFu-Mid Road, Tianxin, Changsha

Wanda Vista Changsha Hotel
Address: No.308 Xiangjiang Zhong Road, Furong, Changsha

Royal Seal Hotel
Address: 168 Middle Furong Road, Furong, Changsha

Longchamp Garden Hotel Changsha
Address: No.9, Xiangfu Road, Yuhua District, Hunan Province, Tianxin, Changsha

Hotel Leader Changsha
Address: Yorbarn International Plaza, No. 22, Yorbarn Road, Tianxin, Changsha

Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Changsha
Address: No.325, Xingsha Road,Xingsha,Changsha

Changsha New Empire Hotel
Address: No. 399 Tongxinpo Road, Yuelu, Changsha

Changsha Suntown International Center
Address: No.109 Jinxing Road, Changsha City Center, Changsha

Changsha ST-Tropez Hotel
Address: Dongjinying Yingshi Culture Center, Kaifu, Changsha

Bonjour Hunan Hotel
Address: NO.1 West Xinshao Road, Tianxin, Changsha

Hunan Huatian Hotel
Address: No.300, East Jiefang Road, Furong District, Changsha

Source: Changsha Municipal People’s Government Website

Four-star Hotels

Changsha Residence Hotel
Address: No. 87 Pozi Street, Furong, Changsha

Changsha Kingfun International Hotel
Address: No. 103 Dierduan Furongnan Road, Tianxin, Changsha

Changsha Gaoyuanhong Hotel
Address: No. 407 Bayizhong Road, Furong, Changsha

Wandai Hotel
Address: No. 87, Huangxing Middle Rd.

Xindu Hotel
Add: Zhonghuan Road, Yuhua District, Changsha

Hunan Fenglin Hotel
Address: No.43, First Fenglin Road, Changsha

Source: Changsha Municipal People’s Government Website

Budget Hotels

Hunan Jingxin Hotel
Address: No. 98, FenglinThird Rd. Yuelu District

Changsha Tianshi Hotel
Address: No.40, Renmin Western Rd., Tianxin District, Changsha

Today Hotel Chain (Tongzipo Branch)
Address: No.1,Tongzipo Rd., Yuelu District, Changsha

Guangwu Hotel
Address: No.29, Yaoling Western Village, Changsha

Source: Changsha Municipal People’s Government Website