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Changsha is renowned for its performances which showcase traditional folk performances, including Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Drum Opera, Clam Dance, Xiang Opera, acrobatics among others. Historically, traditional folk art was highly favored during an era of the city’s history which led to the creation of many of the city’s present-day theaters and opera halls in Changsha. Today, these places of entertainment present dynamic, entertaining plays and performances that feature a blend of the traditional elements with more modern trends. Locals suggest enjoying Changsha’s nightlife in four ways: first, get a foot-bath; second, pass sometime in the pubs; third, sing in the KTV; and lastly, enjoy a midnight snack.
Golden Time offers up-to-the-minute entertainment in Changsha. Out-fitted with a fantastic decor, Golden Time is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and first-class shows, including dances which start of simple and progressively become more challenging. It’s also a good spot to catch dazzling pop singers, dancers and bands.

Huatian Theater is an attractive and well-appointed theater which showcases both formal performances and entertaining shows.
Red Sun Entertainment is an entertainment enterprise that provides a comprehensive range of show performances.

Where to go

Golden Time
Located in Jiefang Road, this is the most up to the minute entertainment venue in the city. With its fantastic decor this club is renowned for its crazy atmosphere and first-class show performances. After the first few hours focusing on simpler dances, they go on to more challenging music and dances. Dazzling pop singers, dancers and bands give fantastic presentations on many occasions.
Address: No. 18, Jiefang Road West

Huatian Theatre
This attractive and well-appointed theater stages both formal performances and entertaining shows.
Address: 5&6th floor, Huatian International Club

Red Sun Entertainment
Considered the king of the entertainment enterprises, the Red Sun provides a comprehensive range of show performances.
Address: 7-A, Dongfeng Road West