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Chrysanthemum Stone

A grayish black stone with embedded white chrysanthemum-like patterns, artists carve Chrysanthemum stones into shapes resembling flowers, birds, animals and other artistic figures. These artworks come in sizes ranging from small objects to huge screens and are sold as decorative ornaments.

Xiang Embroidery 

Well-known in China and made by hand, Xiang Embroidery is featured on craft items such as clothes, bags, wall hangings, handkerchiefs and other decorative items. They make popular souvenirs for travelers.

Liuyang Fireworks

The fireworks produced in Liuyang are said to be the best in China because of their quality and variety.  During the lunar New Year, Chinese people light auspicious fireworks to ward off evil spirits and create a festive atmosphere. 

Where to buy

Wuyi Square Shopping Circle – Central

Located at the intersection of Wuyi Lu and Huangxing Road, it’s the most important shopping destination in the downtown area with an assortment of department stores, malls and supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and a ‘must-see’ for visitors. Wuyi Road, a bustling thoroughfare in the city central area including the West, the Middle and the East sections, is a popular shopping area in the city. In the middle of Wuyi Lu is the Aijialing Shopping Circle, which include Friendship Store and Apollo Shopping City.

Dongtang Shopping Area–South

This shopping circle located in the southern part of the city near Furong Road South is replete with a center called Golden Family World Classic, and clothing, electronic appliances, and other super markets.

Railway Station Area–East

The eastern area close to the Railway Station has a bustling shopping center due to overflow of people visiting the famous Apollo Shopping Square and other stores.