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Dalian is one of the most important aquaculture hubs in China, so its cuisine is rich in seafood, including fish, shrimp, crab and others. Some famous dishes include: Stewed Shrimp, Steamed Abalone, Steamed Red Porgy, Multicolored snowflakes scallops, Dalian Shrimp Sauce, Conch Platter, Braised Happy Family of Seafood, Stir-fried Sea Worm, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Pearl Seal, Duck Surrounded by Sea Cucumber, and Colorful Shrimp.


Inexpensive snacks are always on the itinerary of most travelers. Sampling the local snacks is a way of eating and exploring Dalian life. The most popular snack here is Men Zi and Salted Fish and Corn Pancake. Other delicacies include dumplings, thin pancakes rolled with smoked meat, tea eggs and bean-milk and more. Kebab-style beef, mutton and local sleeve-fish are also very popular among street diners.

Men Zi

A traditional, protein-rich snack coagulated from an extract of pachyrhizus (something like potatoes) is cut into pieces and fried on a pan to create a crisp cover. A mixed seasoning of smashed garlic, sesame, and sauces is added on eating. Many small snack stalls provide this treat.

Salted Fish and Corn Pancake
Its title actually refers to two things: the baked salted fish is served with a kind of crisp corn pancake. According to legend, fishermen going out fishing in the morning couldn’t return home to have lunch and so they baked the fresh fish to eat with the pancakes, a habit that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Where to eat 

Shuangshengyuan is an authentic century-old seafood restaurant and a good place for a friends’ get-together. They are known for their Salted Fish& Corn Pancake

Tian Tian Yu Gang is a locally well-known chained restaurant brand, renowned for their seafood. 

Pinhailou is elaborately decorated in blue with design of the world’s oceans on its walls. It is considered to be one of the best of the seafood restaurants in the city.

Bangchuidao Hotel is a seaside restaurant in the southeastern coastal area that serves fresh scallops, abalone served with mustard juice.

New Oriental (Xin Dong Fang) Food City and Wanbao Seafood City are also noteworthy spots to try.