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The local staple in Datong is mainly noodles and other food made of flour. In addition to the popular Shanxi Noodles, various local snacks offer a range of flavors.

What to eat

Yangza Soup

Yangza Soup is a popular snack in the Shanxi province known for its strong flavor. “Yangza” refers to the entrails of a sheep. The clean and dressed entrails are stewed and cut into slices, and stewed again with shallot, chili, salt and other flavorings. Vermicelli made of Chinese yam flour is usually added to the soup. From the Chinese medicine point of view, entrails of sheep warm the stomach and fend off cold. So the steaming Yangza Soup with its chewy vermicelli may be just what the doctor recommends in the winter!

Zha Yougao (Fried Yellow Rice Pie)

Zha Yougao is an important dim sum in Shanxi. It is a must-eat for locals during New Year days or other important festivals. The steamed half-dried yellow rice dough is kneaded while it is hot until smooth then divided into small blocks that are used to wraps black sugar, dates or bean paste. They are then fried to golden perfection. These fried yellow rice pies are eaten with some sugar. The crisp outside and soft sweet inside makes for a delicious taste.

Yingzhou Niuyao (Yinzhou Kidney)

It is a sweet local snack of Ying County in Datong made out of fried dough. The dough used in Yingzhou Niuyao is made from flour and syrup sans water – or kidney. After frying the dough, its color and appearance resembles a kidney hence the name.

Liangfen (Cool Agar)

Liangfen is made of potato flour or Chinese yam flour. It is a bit softer than vermicelli in texture and chewier than common noodles. Liangfen can be made in blocks as well as strips depending on personal preference. Adding salt, bean sauce, vinegar, chili oil and some shredded cucumber and caraway, gives Liangfen a cool and refreshing taste.

Shaomai (Pork Dumplings) 

As one of the main dishes in the feast of Datong, Shaomai is a delight to the appetite by its flower-like appearance and strong flavored meat stuffing.

Where to eat

Dongguan Sliced Noodles Restaurant

One of the most famous sliced-noodles restaurants in Datong. Noodles and some local snacks are served here.

Lvyuan Restaurant

Various dishes are served here including hotpot and other local cuisine. With lots of green plants around, the air is fresh and the environment pleasant.

Laoyemiao Restaurant 

An old restaurant in Datong that serves hotpot and fried dishes.

Linlaolao Fengwei Restaurant 

Shanxi local foods are available here.