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What to buy

Egg Carving 
An intricate art form on thin and fragile egg shells, egg carving in Datong is different from those in other parts of the world because of their delicate composition and high artistic value. Chinese calligraphy, facial painting and Chinese painting are carved on the egg shells.

Yungang Silk Doll
Silk dolls are traditional Chinese handicrafts with a history of over one thousand years. The doll’s figures come from traditional Chinese stories and the figure in the fresco’s of Yungang Grottoes. 

Made with fine silk as skin and clothes, the dolls have a comfortable feel. And each one has a vivid expression.

Artistic Porcelain 

With a history of over 1400 years, porcelain production in Datong is well developed. Using a unique method of production, porcelain figurines can be fashioned into many shapes such as animals and figures from traditional Chinese stories.

Where to buy

Daxi Street and Xiaonan Street are two commercial areas in Datong City where visitors will delight in finding most of the department stores and shops selling clothing and jewelry. Huayu, Huafeng Baihuo, and Hualin Department Store are other stores to consider.