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The Datong Airport (DAT) is situated 17 kilometers (10.6 miles) to the east of the urban area and offers flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Changzhi and Guangzhou. In addition to DAT, Taiyuan Wusu Airport is the nearest airport serving as a connecting station for a visit to Datong.

Datong is the main coal producing city in China and the coal is mainly transported by train. From here, trains connect with 25 cities in China including Beijing, Guangzhou, Xian, Hangzhou and Taiyuan. Ten passenger trains start at this Railway Station and the other stops over it and head for Beijing, Hangzhou, Taiyuan and Shuozhou (in Shanxi). By rail, it takes about six hours to travel from Datong to Beijing; nine hours to Hangzhou; and ten hours to Guangzhou.†

Getting around

More than 6,000 taxis now run in the streets of Datong City and itís relatively inexpensive to get around by taxi.

Travel Services

China Travel International (Datong) Travel Service
Add: 5 Yingbin E. Rd., Datong
Tel: 0086≠352≠5101032

Datong China Youth Travel Service
Add: 108 Jiaochang St., Datong
Tel: 0086≠352≠2063965

Datong China International Travel Service
Add: 37 Yingbin W. Rd., Datong
Tel: 0086≠352≠5100432


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