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Night cruise on the Pearl River

Charming riverside scenery makes a night cruise along the Pearl River a memorable part of any visit to Guangzhou. The cruise route covers the section between Guangzhou Bridge and Baietan, along which visitors can enjoy views of ancient Chinese architecture. Most cruise ships serve local and European-style snacks, and some of them are the height of luxury, such as the Information Times cruise – a 300-seat vessel that has served China’s presidents.

Canton Tower (Guangzhou TV Tower)

At a height of 610 meters, the TV Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world and a new landmark for Guangzhou. The form, volume and structure of the twisted and tapering tube are generated by two ellipses. The tightening caused by the rotation between the two ellipses forms a ‘waist’, which shapes a sexy slender female character rarely seen in historical skyscrapers. Visitors will be able to enjoy great food in a revolving restaurant at 424 meters and overlook the whole city on the 450 meters sightseeing platform.

Chen Clan Academy

The Chen Clan Academy serves as a hall of ancestor worship. It is the largest, best preserved and one of the most intricately decorated historical buildings in Guangdong province. All the architectural decorations in the academy (including the wood, brick and stone carvings, ceramic and lime sculptures, iron casting and paintings) make a comprehensive expression of the exquisite style of local folk art.

Baiyun Mountain

Recognized as the ‘First Peak under the Southern Sky”, Baiyun Mountain rises to a height of 2216 meters, on the top of which visitors can enjoy a grand view of the “cloud ocean” and overlook the whole city of Guangzhou It has seven sight-seeing regions, including historical attractions like Nengren Temple and natural scenery like Nine-Dragon Waterfall.