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Guangzhou offers the full shopping experience from spotless shopping malls that would make western offerings blush with shame in comparison, to thoroughly basic and noisy street markets where almost anything goes.†

For sanitized shopping, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street has everything from well-known brands to rudimentary offerings. It is not as upmarket, however, as the Zhengjia Plaza in the heart of Tianhe. The Zhengjia Plaza houses many top brands from the West and also has an ice rink and huge cinema. Its China’s biggest mall, catering to up to 500,000 people each day. Nearby Tee mall nevertheless is still the city’s most popular shopping venue with brand names covering every type of product.†

For visitors who want to go slightly off the beaten path, street markets are worth exploring. Qingping Market is a must-see for authenticity. Here, visitors will see all variety of animals for sale, the vast majority for consumption. Itís noisy, crowded and eye-opening.

For antiques, Xiguan Antiques market near Liwan Park is worth a stop as is Ivory and Sae products on Daxin Road or Wende Road. For jewelry and jade, Huailin Road has jade from all around China and beyond.

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