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Tengwang Pavilion

This towering pavilion is one of the three most notable pavilions on the south side of the Yangtze River. Chinese intelligentsia come to this pavilion to write articles, host banquets, and other cultural activities. For its prominence, sheer height, architectural style, and size, it’s a favorite with tourists.

Shengjin Pagoda

Displaying the typical architecture of southern China, this pagoda was constructed during the Tianyou reign period (904­-907). It is seven stories high with eight sides, red railings, green tiles and upturned eaves. It gets its name from the gold rope that was discovered when it was built.

Tianxiang Park

Home to more than 50,000 wild birds from 32 species, Tianxiang Park ranks first in the world for its beauty and variety of birds.

Mt. Lushan National Park

This mountain park is a major attraction in China located in the south of Jiujiang City, to the north of the Tengwang Pavilion.  Mount Lushan National Park covers an area of 500 square kilometers (about 320 square miles) and has more than 90 mountain peaks – the tallest is Hanyang Peak . There are 12 main scenic areas, 37 attractions, more than 900 cliff inscriptions, and over 300 steles. 


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