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Nanchang cuisine is salty and spicy. Visitors love Nanchang snacks, including:

Nanchang Rice Noodles
The rice noodle dish comes in various flavors, with ingredients – ranging from shredded garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, chopped scallion pieces, shredded pickles ñ cooked in with the noodles. Chili and peppers are essential seasonings.

Bread Twist of Shitou Street
Made with white flour, sugar, quality oil, and fresh egg yolks, this bread is made utilizing fine workmanship, and uniform kneading. The end product is a soft, bright-colored sweet bread.

Searing Hot-pot
Chicken giblets and beef giblets, tripe, dried bean curd and assorted meat balls, and spices make up this famous and flavorful hot-pot.

Where to eat

Jiachang Fan
Hongcheng branch address: 659 Hongcheng Street
Ruzi branch address: 141 Ruzi Street, Xihu District

Yutu Fanzhuang
Address: 168 Ruzi Street, Xihu District

Xiangtang Tuji Dian
Address: Dieshan Street, Xihu District

Tanyu Tou Hotpot
Address: 528 Minde Street, Donghu District

New Orient Hotel
Address: 18 Binjiang Road South, Donghu District

Yuandong Hotel
Address: 95 Fuzhou Road, Donghu District


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