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What to buy

Salted Soup Duck

This delicious vacuum-packed Salted Soup and Pressed Duck are tasty souvenirs for family and friends. Noted brands include Gui Hua, Lu Hua and Bai Lu. 

Rain Flower Stones 

Usually made from a precious agate from Yuhuatai (Flower Rain Terrace, a memorial for Chinese martyrs), folk artists shape them into ring tops, ear or necklace pendants or other fine jewelry. When placed in a fishbowl or a vase (especially one with water) their colorful patterns emerge. 

Yuhua Tea 

Yuhua tea is one of the most popular teas in China. The green and taut tea leaves are symbolic of the spirit of patriotic soldiers, giving the tea the name of this patriotic memorial place. The tea has great medicinal benefits such as protecting against food poisoning and cleansing the body.

Cloud Brocade

Named for artistic cloud pattern weaves, Cloud Brocade is a traditional silk product originally from China’s Southern Dynasties (420 – 589). In the Qing period (1644 – 1911), cloud brocade production reached its height when a brocade and embroidery production institute called “Jiangning Zhizao” was established in the city. Fantastic brocade clothes were produced for emperors and royal families. Today, cloud brocade products include costumes, ethnic clothes, cushions, quilt covers, carpets, wall hangings and other craft-works. Wall hangings with traditional Chinese patterns would be both a good choice for room decoration.

Jinling Gold Leaf

Many Chinese artifacts and antique artwork are often gilded with gold because it is a symbol of power. The gold leaf produced in Nanjing is less than 1/10 micron thick and has a long history dating back to 420 A.D. The traditional hand-made technique has been passed down from many generations. Gilded paintings, bookmarks, statues and other gold leaf products are available in stores.

Wooden Carvings

These are quality would carvings sold in the shape of animals, floral plants, Chinese legendary and mythical figures, often displayed in shop windows.

Where to buy

Shopping Streets


Department stores, brand-name stores and large shopping centers in this area sell dazzling world-famous brands. A downtown area, it is both the transport and business center of the city. 

Fuzimiao Market

Visitors can find anything they want here from personal items to electronic goods. It’s a year-round wholesale center (that is open to individual buyers) and is the retail source for many stores.

Hunan Road

This beautifully designed street has hundreds of clothes shops, department stores and restaurants with the famous Shiziqiao Food Street in the middle – it’s a good place for both shopping and taking guests out for dinner.

Taiping Nan Road

The avenue is a home to brand name stores selling a variety of items from gold and jade ornaments to home appliances. It’s located eastward from the Xinjiekou Crossing on an avenue running north – south to Zhongshan Dong Road. 

Jinling Department Store

Located close to the popular five-star Jinling Hotel, visitors can find worldwide brands here, including a selection of clothes, leather, cosmetics, watches and fine jewelry.

Culture Street – Changjiang Road

Here, visitors will find the Xuyuan Garden, Provincial Art Museum, People’s Hall, Jinling Library Building and the City Art Center along both sides of the street. To get there, coming from Xinjiekou Crossing, go north one block to reach Changjiang Road. 

Antique Market – Chaotiangong

Quite the place to pick a treasure trove, originally established in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) as a school for educating noble children in court etiquette, the Antique Market houses a range of local institutions, including a Qigong (Chinese Martial Arts) institute. 

Sci-Tech Street – Zhujiang Road

This is perhaps the largest street in Eastern China selling electronic products including mp3, mobile devices, video cameras, computer peripherals, speakers and more.


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