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Shanghai has the busiest transport hub in eastern China. As an important financial and business center of China it has highly developed infrastructure, including a convenient public transportation network.
Visitors can get to Shanghai through its two international airports. The Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport located in the western suburbs of the city and the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
For rail transportation, Shanghai has four main railway stations: the Shanghai Railway Station, South Railway Station, West Railway Station and Hongqiao Railway Station. Several national highways and four expressways pass through the city, making long-distance buses a convenient way to travel. More than 1,000 routes are served by 40 long-distance bus stations.
Shanghai’s location on the estuary of the Yangtze River and midpoint of China’s north-south coastline, is the world’s third largest port and China’s largest seaport. Ships sailing from Shanghai Port voyage to some 500 ports in over 160 countries and regions all over the world.

International Cruise

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal
Located at the North Bund Area in the Hongkou District near downtown, this terminal has been under construction since 2004, and can accommodate three†luxurious†passenger liners at the same time.

Domestic Cruise

Wusong Passenger Transport Center
This is an important passenger port with many domestic sea routes in operation.  The Wusong Passenger Transport Center has regular departures for neighboring areas like Nantong City of Jiangsu Province, Dinghai, Shengsi, Zhoushan, and Mt. Putuoshan area of Zhejiang Province, as well as some cities along the Yangtze River.

Getting around

Shanghai has the world’s largest public transportation system handling the largest daily volume of passengers. And a high-density road network makes overland transportation a breeze. Taxis, city buses, and sightseeing buses take visitors to all parts of the city.

All of these public transport tools can be accessed using the Shanghai Public Transportation Card .The Shanghai Metro rapid-transit system and elevated light rail has 11 lines and extends to every core urban district as well as neighboring suburban districts such as Songjiang and Minhang. It is one of the fastest-growing systems in the world – the first line opened in just 1995.

Maglev Train
The magnetic suspended train went into operation on January 1, 2003. This line starts at Longyang Road Station of the Subway Line 2 and ends at the Pudong International Airport. It takes only 7 Ω minutes to cover the whole trip.

Taxis in Shanghai are plentiful and market competition has driven taxi fare down to affordable prices for the average resident Taxis are a fast and convenient to get around Shanghai.

Ferries offer convenient shuttle service across the Huangpu River, allowing visitors to avoid  crowded bridges and tunnels while appreciating the river scenery. Additionally ferryboats are available between the mainland and its three islands of Chongming, Changqing and Hengsha.

Travel Services

Shanghai China International Travel Service
Add: CITS Building, 1277 Beijing W. Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­62898899

Shanghai China Youth Travel Service
Add: 2 Hengshan Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­64330000

Jinjiang Tours Co., Ltd
Add: Jia 191, Changle Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­64662828

China Merchants Group Shanghai International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Add: Zi’an Building, Yuyuan Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­61203601

New Shanghai International CITS Group Co., Ltd
Add: 16/F, No. 1 Building, 1001 Chang’an Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­63178705
Shanghai Airlines Tours Interna-tional Co., Ltd
Add: 3/F, 599 Jiangsu Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­62267066

Shanghai China Travel Service
Add: Lane 519, Macao Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­62981111

Shanghai Eastern Air International Travel Co., Ltd
Add: 3/F, 599 Jiangsu Rd., Shanghai
Tel: 0086­21­62994299


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