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Shenzhen offers various accommodation types including traditional and Western hotel brands to meet all budgets and needs.

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen
Add: 902 Shennan Thoughfare,OverseasChinese Town,Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-26936888

Nan Hai Hotel
Add: 1 Gong Ye 1st Road, Nanhai Blvd, Shekou
Tel: 0086-755-26692888

Sunshine Hotel
Add: 1 Jiabin Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82233888

Shangri-la Hotel
Add: East side of the Jianshe Road Railway station, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82330888

Shenzhen Crowne Plaza
Add: 3018 Nanhu Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82172288

Best Western Shenzhen Felicity Hotel
Add: 1085, Heping Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25586333

Panglin Hotel
Add: 2002 Jiabin Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25185888

Pavilion Hotel
Add: 4002 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District,
Tel: 0086-755-82078888

Hengfeng Haiyue International Hotel
Add: Newcheng Plaza, 80th Block Baocheng, Baoan
Tel: 0086-755-27922222

InterContinental Shenzhen
Add: 9009 Shennan Thoughfare,OverseasChinese Town,Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-33993388

Mission Hill Restort
Add: Mission Golf Club,Golf Avenue,Guanlan Town Bao,an District
Tel: 0086-755-28020888

Sheraton Dameisha Resort Hotel
Add: 0086-755-88886688
Tel: Meisha large salt Kwai Road, Yantian District

Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel
Add: 1 Center Fuhua Road, Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82989888

WuZhou Guest House
Add: 6001 Shennan Thoroughfare,Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82938000

Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Add: 5 Guihua Road,Futian Banded Area
Tel: 0086-755-83599999

Grand View Hotel
Add: 277 Fuhua Road, Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82976888

Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen
Add: Hou Hai Bin Road, Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-88888888

Junyi Hotel
Add: Henggang Town for the Longgang District
Tel: 0086-755-28661888

Royalty Hotel
Add: 199 Fuk Man Road, Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-83818888

Gold Hotel Shenzhen
Add: 2098 East Shennan Road
Tel: 0086-755-82180288

Grand Skylight Hotel
Add: 3024 Central Shennan Road
Tel: 0086-755-83689999

Oriental Regent Hotel
Add: Financial Center Building on the Midway of Shenzhen Main Street
Tel: 0086-755-82247000

Lushan Hotel
Add: 3023 Spring Breeze Road
Tel: 0086-755-82338888

Seaview O·City Hotel
Add: 3-5 Guangqiao Street, OCT, Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-26602222

Century Plaza Hotel
Add: 1 Chunfeng Road
Tel: 0086-755-82320888

Jinhui Jasper Hotel
Add: International Mayor Communication Center, Shennan Thoroughfare, Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-86100888

Capital Plaza Hotel
Add: 70 Baomin First Road, Baoan District
Tel: 0086-755-27783888

Pavilion Hotel Century House
Add: 4014 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82078888

Donghua Holiday Inn
Add: Donghua Park, Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-86193999

Ming Wah International Convention Center
Add: 8 Guishan Road, Shekou, Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-26689968

Guangdong Hotel
Add: 3033 Shennan East Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen District
Tel: 0086-755-82228339

Zhuyuan Hotel
Add: 2079 Dongmen North Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25533138

Ambassador Hotel
Add: 1121-1123 Shennan East Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25118388

Luohu Hotel
Add: 3012 Nanlu Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25163888

Sanjiu Hotel
Add: 1001 Shennan East Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25128888

Shenzhen Guest House
Add: 15 Xinyuan Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82226333

Jing Peng Hotel
Add: 2008 Shennan East Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82227190

Shanghai Hotel
Add: 3032 Shennan Zhong Road
Tel: 0086-755-83365288

Difu Hotel
Add: 111 Zhenhua Road, Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-83260221

Flora Hotel
Add: 1021 Buji Road, Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25850688

Petrel Hotel
Add: Petrel Building, Jiabin Road, Luohu Zone
Tel: 0086-755-82232828

Changan Hotel
Add: 1133 Shennan East Road
Tel: 0086-755-82303333

East Lake Hotel
Add: 4006 AiGuo Road
Tel: 0086-755-25400088

Railway Station Hotel
Add: New Railway Station Building, Jianshe Road
Tel: 0086-755-82321168


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