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Various kinds of Chinese cuisine are available in Shenzhen, with Guangdong Cuisine being the most popular. Visitors also have access to cuisine from other parts of the world in Shenzhen. Some popular recommendations include, Shajing Oyster, a famous Shenzhen specialty, this dish made of oysters originates from the mouth of the Pearl River where fresh and salty waters meet. Xixiang Shrimp from Xixiang in the Bao’an District. Naníao Abalone, an ancient delicacy named for the countryís largest abalone breeding base. Gongming Roasted Goose which has a golden crisp skin that is tasty with meat that has fat but is not greasy. Baby Pigeon of Guangming Farm, delicate, sweet and tender, the pigeons have a tasty flavor. Sanhuang chicken of Longgang†made from special birds that are big, strong but tender, and juicy.
These dishes and more are available at several food streets, including Fenghuang Road, Huanggang Food Street, Bagua Road 1, Dongmen Food Street, Huaqiangbei Food Street, and Yantian Seafood Street.

Where to eat

The food street on Fenghuang Road

Old Chengdu Cold Fish Pot Leaves
Add: 1st Floor of Building, Rees Road, Phoenix Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25424677/25424684

Historic Farm Restaurant
Add: 1st Floor Lu Long Wah Court Phoenix Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25694468

Peninsula Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant
Add: 10th Fengshan Building, the back seat, Phoenix Road Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-25521223

Fresh Home Bayu
Add: 105 Phoenix Road Luohu District
Tel: 86-755-25410356/25543397

Fujian Steamed Wang
Add: 88 Phoenix Road Luohu District
Tel: 86-755-25423516

Huanggang Food Street

Wang Hing Hakka
Add: 1st Floor of the Yuefa Business Hotel, 142 building of Futian South Road
Tel: 0086-755-83694000

Drunk-Qin Xuan Seafood Restaurants
Add: 1st floor of the Huangcheng Plaza, Futian South Road
Tel: 0086-755-83693788

Among Gordon Road
Add: 1st floor of High Mercury Building B, Huanggang Road
Tel: 0086-755-88362828

The food street on Bagua Road 1

Su Wu shepherd
Add: 8 Building of Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82132866

New Tidal Fishing Village Guangdong
Add: 617 Arts Building,Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82419383

Xiangba Guys Soil Restaurant
Add: A5 of 7 Building,Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82422010

Kim Ri Ryong Restaurants
Add: 47 Building of Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82490068

Inner Mongolia Small Lamb
Add: 610 Building of Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-82490068

Dongmen Food Street

West Windsor Grill Restaurant
Add: German and Austrian East Gate Mall fourth floor walk Street
Tel: 0086-755-82304100/82304200

Head City Sichuan Hotpot
Add: Lake Road on the 1st Pui Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82239361

The Old Rural Hunan Bowl Dish
Add: Tower Road west side of the first floor emporium building Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82382022/82382033

Ninja New Concept of Japanese Cuisine Habitat
Add: The new Yuen Road on the 1st of the third floor of the mall Luohu District
Tel: 0086-755-82298990

Huaqiangbei Food Street

The old courtyard restaurant
Add: 45 car of the Mansion Building Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-83257506

A Small Goods Fat Sheep
Add: Step on the industrial area 201
Tel: 0086-755-83255116

Zuiweng Ting Emblem Restaurant
Add: Mansion in the First Floor of Building 402 Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-83249258/83249255

Drunk Xiangxi
Add: second floor of Mansion family Building
Tel: 0086-755-83253212

Xiang Margin Shuimu
Add: 115 revitalization Huaqiang North Road Futian District
Tel: 0086-755-83203712

OCT Food Street

Isuke Park Restaurant
Add: OCT 113 Walking Street
Tel: 0086-755-83203712

Southern Rio Brazilian Barbecue
Add: OCT ecological Square Block A 101
Tel: 0086-755-26911959/ 26601905

Cheong Bowl Restaurant Journey
Add: Behind OCT Huaxia Art Center, Nanshan District
Tel: 0086-755-26909882/ 26929882

Health Broth Museum
Add: 19th Guanghua Street Overseas Chinese Town
Tel: 0086-755-26605888

Puyu Tong
Add: North Garden Simon creative OCT LOFT Konka Yun Ping Road
Tel: 0086-755-21883209

Yantian Seafood Street

New Home restaurants
Add: Tseng Tau Street South of Deep salt Sha Tau Kok Road
Tel: 0086-755-25556969/ 25559838

Hong Kong’s Ming Garden Restaurant
Add: Tin Sum Road 51 Sha Tau Kok
Tel: 0086-755-25367149/ 25367150

Bashu Fishing Village
Add: The first floor of Sha Tau Kok seamounts Hotels
Tel: 0086-755-25554152

Haicheng Seafood Restaurants
Add: 138-Lee Building 1,2 Floor Deep Sand Road
Tel: 0086-755-25551333/ 25216000

Prebiotics Appear Dunpin Wong
Add: 45 East Road, Sha Tau Kok, Tin Sum Yantian District
Tel: 0086-755-25556488/ 25369822

Nan’ao Shuitou Seafood Street

Good Seafood Restaurants Wyatt
Add: Mirs town head Seafood Street Pai Longgang District
Tel: 0086-755-84318299

Letter-chang Seafood Restaurant
Add: Commercial Street Mirs head Longgang District
Tel: 0086-755-84314678


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