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Also referred to as ‘land of milk and honey’ Suzhou cuisine makes up an important part of the eight famous culinary arts in China. Suzhou dishes are highly praised by food connoisseurs from home and abroad. Nearby Taihu Lake (Tai Lake)†supply abundant fresh sea food that adds more versatility to the table culture of Suzhou.
Locals eating specific dishes according to the changing seasons is part of the culture. For example, Biluo Xiaren (quick-fried shrimp with biluochun tea) is mainly eaten in the spring and Xigua Ji (young chicken wrapped in watermelon rind and steamed) is well-suited to summer. Famous dishes, such as Songshu Guiyu (mandarin fish, stewed and fried), were commended by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and are considered to be the ultimate Suzhou dish.

Some places to go for delicious Suzhou cuisine:

Song He Lou (Pine and Crane Restaurant)†has more than 200 years’ history with authentic Suzhou cuisine that is internationally recognized. The Songshu Guiyu cooked here is highly recommended.

Guanqian Branch
Address: No. 72, Taijian Nong, Pingjiang District

Changxulu Branch
Address: the 5th floor of Molihua Holiday Inn, No.345, Changxu Lu, Jinchang District

Shantangjie Branch
Address: No.198, Shantang Jie, Jinchang District

De Yue Lou (Deyue Restaurant) serves dozens of famous and authentic dishes to locals and visitors.
Address: There are two restaurants located on Taijian Nong. One is at No.43 and the other one is at No.8.

Xie He Cai Guan (Xiehe Restaurant) a traditional restaurant, serving Suzhou Cuisine at reasonable prices.
Address: No.15, Fenghuang Jie, Canglang District

Shijia also has more than 200 years’ history and is especially famous for its Bafei Soup.

Main restaurant:
Address: No.18, Zhongshi Street, Mudu Town

Second location:
Address: No.15-1, Jinshan Road, Mudu Town

Suzhou Snacks
Like authentic Suzhou dishes, snacks are eaten according to season. Popular scones with sweet fermented rice during spring and moon cakes stuffed with fresh meat during autumn will certainly whet any appetite; here are some places to find those and other delicious snacks:

Huang Tian Yuan is noted for its variety of pastries made from sticky rice.
Address: No.86, Guanqian Street, Pingjiang District

Sanxianglu Branch
Address: No.919, Sanxiang Lu, Jinchang District

Shantangjie Branch
Address: No.158, Shangtang Jie, Jinchang District

Cai Zhi Zhai the place to buy local confections
Address: No.91, Guanqian Street

Ye Shou He noted for the range of Suzhou pastries it carries
Address: No.69, Guanqian Street, Pingjiang District