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The Great Wall in Ningxia

The Great Wall in Binghe and Guyuan

Binghe Great Wall (4)
Binghe Great Wall (1)
Binghe Great Wall (3)
Guyuan Great Wall (5)
Guyuan Great Wall (6)
Guyuan Great Wall (7)
Guyuan Great Wall (1)
Guyuan Great Wall (2)
Guyuan Great Wall (3)
Guyuan Great Wall (4)


The Great Wall in Ningxia is considered the longest stretch of unbroken Ming Wall. It runs for approximately 100 kilometers through the sand dunes of western China. At it terminal point, the Wall plunges into the Yellow River at Xiaolongtou, the “Little Dragon Head.”


The fortress at Sanguankou once guarded the key pass through the Helan Mountains, the ancient border between China and Mongolia. This pass is where Genghis Khan first entered China in 1209. 40 kilometers west of Ningxia’s capital, Yinchuan City, Sanguankou is located along the present day border of Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. Visitors come to see the Great Wall in its “wild” and natural state, devoid of the touristy aspects of the more heavily traveled sections.


Built in 1493, the Shengjinguan section of the Ming Wall was originally depended on to repel the Mongolian invasion. It stretches for 240 kilometers.

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Shuidonggou (2)
Shuidonggou (1)
Shuidonggou (3)


Excavated during the last century, the Shuidonggou site has unearthed thousands of relics from as late as the Paleolithic Age, 400,000 years ago. Among the discoveries are human cultural artifacts dating back 30,000 years as well as animal fossils from the Stone Age.

Liupan mountain forest park

Liupanshan Forest Park

A national park known for its medicinal plants and steep mountains. Fields in the Park have pragmatically descriptive names passed down from antiquity, such as the Meeting Place, the Medical Treatment Place and the Command Center. Historically, Liupanshan is the location where the Mighty Genghis Khan succumbed to his illness in 1227.

Sand Lake
Sand Lake 1

Shahu Lake

56 kilometers north of Yinchuan, the “Sand Lake” is a unique meeting of three landscapes: desert, mountain and lake. Teeming with wildlife, Shahu Lake is sought out by birdwatchers and fishermen alike. Shahu’s Eco Park features activities in both the waters and the dunes.

Yellow River Sunset
Mt. Helan (2)
Mt. Helan (1)
Mingcui Lake
West Xia Pyramid
West Studio

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