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The Great Wall in Tianjin

Huangyaguan (1)
Huangyaguan (7)
Huangyaguan (2)
Huangyaguan (3)
Huangyaguan (5)
Huangyaguan (6)

Huangyaguan Pass

The Huangyaguan Pass is located approximately 128 kilometers north of Tianjian and 120 kilometers east of Beijing. The “Yellow Cliff Pass” was originally built in the Northern Qi Dynasty during the reign of emperor Tianbao (556) and later refortified during the Ming Dynasty Great Wall building campaign under the authority of Emperor Longqing. Built into a steep cliff, Huangyaguan’s majestic location as well as its expert construction and engineering make it a prime example of the Ming Great Wall.

Today, visitors enjoy a restored 3-kilometer stretch of Huangyaguan that features 20 watchtowers and the Great Wall History Museum.

Taipingzhai 1
Taipingzhai (1)
Taipingzhai (2)
Taipingzhai (3)


Travelling northwest along Huangyaguan, visitors can trek to find the Taipingzhai Stronghold. Generally considered part of the Huangyaguan Great Wall, Taipingzhai is known for its 6 watchtowers.

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Ancient Culture Street (2)
Ancient Culture Street
Dule Temple

Ancient Culture Street

Bright and colorful in both appearance and spirit, the Ancient Culture Street brings visitors back in time to the Qing Dynasty. Two of its most celebrated features are the Tianhou Palace and the Yuhuangge Temple, both originally built in the 14th century.


Italian style district
Italian style district (2)

Italian Style Street

The name, Italian Style Street is a bit of misnomer, as this small tourist town might be more aptly called Tianjin’s “Little Italy.” At the center of the Italian Style Street is the Marco Polo Plaza, named after the famous explorer who introduced Europe to China in the 13th century. Visitors enjoy night life, shopping and, of course, Italian food!

Hai River (3)
Hai River (4)
Hai River
Hai River (1)
Hai River (2)

Haihe Cultural Square

Mixing modern and folk influences, the Haihe Cultural Square is found along the banks of the Haihe River, delighting visitors with its beauty and charm. Opulently decorated and spectacularly lit, the Haihe Cultural Square is a marvelous site to visit, day or night.


Historic sites (1)
Historic sites (2)
Historic sites (3)
Historic sites (4)
Historic sites 2
Historic sites

Five Great Avenues

Found in the affluent Heping District of Tianjin, the Five Great Avenues are parallel streets that feature the distinctive Western architecture reminiscent of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. These buildings and residences are a nod to Tianjin’s international history where foreigners from around the globe have resided since the 1800’s.