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PBS to Premiere Series Exploring "The Story of China"


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America’s public television network PBS is set to begin airing The Story of China, a series in which historian Michael Wood traces the history of the world’s oldest continuous state from its ancient beginnings to the modern day. The six-part series will travel with the historian on a tour of the nation as he introduces viewers to its places, people and traditions. Its first half will look at China’s ancient myths and archaeology, follow the Silk Road and the spread of Chinese cultural influence under the Tang Dynasty, and catalog the sometimes surprising number of key inventions that date from China’s Song Dynasty golden age.  The story of The Forbidden City, The Great Wall and other nation-defining changes introduced during the Ming Dynasty will be the subject of another episode,  the last empire under the Qing Dynasty gets a dramatic post-mortem in another, and then an examination of the 20th century tumult leading up the boom times of the last 30 years rounds out the series. Check your local listings for series air dates.

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Silk Road International Tourism Festival returns to Gansu


The Seventh Dunhuang Tour on the Silk Road International Tourism Festival will kick off in Gansu Province this June. The festival is co-hosted by China National Tourism Administration and Gansu Province, guided by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, and has been successfully staged for six consecutive years since 2011.  Leaders from international touri ...Read More

Nine Must-Visit Places in Tianjin


Tianjin is the largest port city in northern China, and one of China's four municipalities directly under the Central Government. Tianjin has historically been an important port and doorway to Beijing, being 120 kilometers (75 miles) away from the capital. By bullet train from the Beijing Southern Railway Station, it now takes just 40 minutes to get there. The ...Read More

Conde Nast Traveler: Historic Site Installs “Pedestrian Speed Bumps”


It’s one thing when automobile drivers go too fast, that’s why we have speed bumps. But tourism officials in the ancient town of Taierzhuang had the same concern about sight-seers walking along the Grand Canal between Beijing and Hangzhou. To help ensure that visitors take their time to appreciate the beauty and cultural heritage of the UNESCO World Heritage ...Read More


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