National Tourism Association (NTA) China Inbound Program

The National Tourism Association (NTA) has taken a leading role in facilitating Chinese inbound leisure group travel to the U.S. by creating the China Inbound Program. In accordance with a

Memorandum of Understanding signed by the United States and China on December 11, 2007, private-sector associations can submit lists of qualified tour operators to the China National Tourism Administration. The “approved” list of operators must attest that these companies can ensure the highest-quality visitor experience for these groups.

 NTA is the only U.S.-based trade association to have a tour operator qualification program approved by the China National Tourism Administration.

Click on the following resources to learn more about this NTA initiative:

Full Program Description

Fact Sheet

FAQ Document

Application Form

Original News Release

China Inbound Program – Registered Tour Companies 

Approved List of Chinese Travel Agents

Directory of NTA Approved Tour Operators - The Best of USA 

Best Practices for Tour Operators Serving the China Leisure Group Travel Market

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