Can I rent a car in China?

As we all known, China is a country with a large population. Facing the holiday and festivals, the car rental market in China would be in a comparative disorder situation. So if your trip to China is near the holiday, and you also want a car, you would need to pay attention to some details.

 A Reservation in Advance

As a rule, the National Day in China is a peak for car renting. It is impossible for you to rent one three or four days before the holiday, let alone the idea of renting one in the holiday. So a reservation about one or two weeks in advance is need.

Choosing a Right Company

In order to attract more customers, many companies would provide many discounts or special services. However, low quality is not equal to satisfied service. Choosing a company with a large scale is very important, for there would be many illegal deals lie in some small companies.

Car’s Status Checking

Never neglect this step. Because of the holiday, some companies will enlarge their sources of vehicles to meet the growing need. Then the quality of the vehicles would be various. Before you decide to rent one, you should have a full view at the car you want, if necessary, ask some friends to help you. In a word, this step is a guarantee for a pleasant trip.

Handling Car Damage

Nobody wants to allow some small things to disturb their trip, but due to the large amount of people going out, some car damage to your car would be possible. Although the car rental companies always buy insurance including all risks for the car, about 20 percent of the loss amount is for the renters’ part. What’s more, the scuffing of the car will need the traffic police’s proof.

Returning the Car on Time

There would be some unforeseen change according to your arrangements due to the holiday in China. Try to return the car on time. If you can’t, study the rules for further rental in advance, otherwise you would find this problem is much more difficult for you to rent a car.

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