What should I pay particular attention to in applying for a Chinese visa?

Pay attention to the following when making visa applications:

A. Make arrangements in advance in case the visa is initially turned down or time is limited.

B. The applicant should truthfully and clearly fill out the application form and sign it him or her self. (The parents or guardian of a minor may sign on behalf of the minor, stating ?their relationship).

C. The application should be true and complete with required associated documents. Applications will be rejected if associated documents are forged or incomplete.

D. Answer officers’ questions truthfully. In accordance with relevant Chinese regulations and international practice, a consular officer has the right to require all relevant documentation of the applicant and the right to refuse to grant a visa without giving any reasons for the decision.

E. The visa officer shall decide the visa type, times, validity period and length of stay in accordance with relevant regulations, after consideration of the applicant’s request.

F. An applicant shall check all details when obtaining a visa, and shall promptly raise any questions.

The applicant is liable for any consequences in the following circumstances:

a. Failure to fill out the application form truthfully or completely which leads to the rejection of the visa application.

b. Failure of the passport or photograph to meet requirements, or failure to provide relevant documentation or information requested by the visa officer, which causes the rejection of the visa application.

c. If the visa is expired, or it is not ready in time, which leads to rejection at the point of boarding for travel to China or at the point of entry to China

d. The visa is invalid and cannot be used any longer, due to the applicant’s action or omission or due to the actions or omissions of a third party.

e. The applicant is rejected at the point of boarding for travel to China or at the point of entry to China, for any reason related to visa dates, or the validity, length of stay, or dates of a passport.

f. If the visa cannot be used at any point because of the applicant’s actions or omissions.

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