Those wishing to chart their own course will be surprised at the ease of travel in China. Recent modernization of the transportation system and infrastructure has made traveling China a pleasant, convenient experience, whether you are traveling alone or in a group. English is spoken at most locations tourists are likely to visit, departure announcements and travel schedules are in English, and there are often separate ticket counters for foreigners. Individuals can enjoy all the services and benefits that are available to travel groups and still have the freedom to explore on their own time. The adventure of traveling where curiosity beckons has its own rewards. But keep in mind that traveling with a Chinese guide who can help with arrangements and provide historical insights could enhance your travel experience considerably and you might even make a good friend.

FIT programs come in two varieties: Fully Inclusive Package, which complete with private guides, private car, transportation throughout China, hotels, daily meals, and sightseeing options; or Mini Package which provides hotels, transfers, domestic flights, and rail tickets. This option is recommended only for travelers proficient enough in Chinese to make reservations, order meals, and generally communicate well on their own.

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